September 16, 2019

Seniors Who Rock: Hailey


Back in the Game

I'm back. Where did I go, you ask? To the depths of motherhood! It has been wonderful, and messy (figuratively and literally), but photography has always been there, waiting for it's turn to occupy a piece of my time. As the kiddos have gained more independence, I have started to venture back to this business of mine! I have spent a LOT of time learning over the last few years, and am truly excited about the direction I'm headed. Be gentle as I venture into the vastly different world of websites, blogging, SEO, and all things an 'online presence' requires!

So that brings us to Hailey Still. A senior at Thomas Jefferson High School right here in Federal Way, Washington, you might say Hailey has a bright future (like surface of the sun bright!). She is committed to play soccer for the UW Huskies, but also kills it on the basketball court, and picked up fastpitch like it was t-ball. My husband happens to be the fastpitch coach at TJ and mentioned he would LOVE a team full of Hailey's! That's like the highest compliment a coach can give. Seriously.

Hailey chose to shoot at the incomparable Tipsoo Lake, and we had been talking about it for literally 6 months in advance! Waiting for the perfect season, the perfect weather, and the perfect location for a BEAUTIFUL senior portrait session! I *might* still be bitter that Mount Rainier was hiding behind the clouds...but the setting was magical all the same.

It was so fun incorporating Hailey's love for soccer in her shoot. One of the reasons I'm so excited about shooting graduating seniors is this phase of life allows them to really pursue their passions. Has it really been 16 years since gymnastics ruled my own life?

Don't answer that. I'm still rounding down to 10.

Thank you Still family for letting my sister-in-law babysit Hailey more than a decade ago, so she could grow up into the coolest, sweetest, high school senior in front of my lens! I loved capturing the beauty that is YOU!

Happy Senior Sunday Hailey, the world is your oyster, the future is waiting, and a million other cliche phrases for you!